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PostSubject: lol   lol EmptyMon Jun 01, 2009 6:02 am

lol Donthybridinedge
Don't hybrid in edge unless you know what you're doing.

lol Aaronko
lol Climbers
I dropped Fat Snax on his Tank account (Climbers) & lost practically max mage,bcp & the rest of the sh** in the picture.
So he gets on his main & He kicks me.
I still got a few of the items though when I got back on Very Happy
lol Defarrowztwice
Edit : Don't hybrid at all if you don't know what you're doing.

lol Deffarrow1
lol Dunpjme
Got bored,busted the trusty infinity and started welfare hybriding for the luls.
Then he chooses to PJ me.
I eventually drop him Very Happy

lol Lickmy
lol,he was hybriding with ND or some sh** at GDZ.

lol Lolstarterko
He was @ greens & he already did ::pure,so I started hybriding him & koed him easily.

lol Rome208
lol Twink0
I fought him twice afterwards in regular 1v1 tank gear & dropped him both times.

lol Verac
I ran outta food & Started getting PJed by some kid in bandos,decided to bank for food & when I came back unfortunately the loot pile showed up publicly,I only got veracs top,skirt & fury.
Noobs looted the rest Neutral

lol Nerds
I had been getting repeatedly tagged on & off by these two idiots for about half an hour.
I finally koed one & I knew the other was gonna immediately get on me & Pj,So right after I koed the first one.
I used the remaining two specs I had on the other kid & dropped him.
Very Happy
lol Dawar
I missed the kill message because right as I picked up all the gear,I was about to get piled on by ND or some sh** so I logged out & waited it out to log back in.

If I PJ you or Start hybriding you in Edge on either of my accounts,don't take it personally.
Its a game.
For those who take this game seriously & cry over pixels & E-Honour.
lol Nh
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